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The Memoir Course

Do you have a story to tell? In this book you will find everything you need to know about the importance of sharing your story, and how to recall memories in a way that will bring them vividly to life. You will learn how to build a supporting framework that will help you to keep going when you hit the proverbial brick wall. 

Learn how to structure your life's story and keep your reader glued to the page. Clearly written it will help get you started using the same techniques as those who have achieved satisfying results after attending my classes. The Memoir Course – just for you is a straightforward guide with personal examples to show how a simple narrative can be turned into an entertaining story. 

This easy-to-read book is packed with information that will guide and help you to leave a worthwhile legacy for family and friends.

Australia Only

Anne Moorhouse - About The Memoir Course

Years from now, would your descendants believe the drastic changes and restrictions we have been subject to during this pandemic? Could they understand that even going out for a coffee with friends was at times forbidden? Will what we are living through now be simply a few pages in a text book for future generations?

In this rapidly changing world, surely we owe it to ourselves and to our families to tell our personal story of how we were affected; to share our own life experiences; to leave a record of the life we have lived — a written legacy.

No matter what your life has been, you can turn it into a great memoir and you don’t have to be a writer. The Memoir course—just for you will help you to share your story in a way that will capture the interest of those who follow...

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5 Module Online Course for just $75.00.