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My Sunshine Coast


August 2017 will be the official fiftieth anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast, so what better time to share the warmth and brightness of this special part of Australia.  My Sunshine Coast provides a personal look at a unique area of South East Queensland. Author Anne Moorhouse explores a diversity of locations and introduces some of the people who contribute to the coast’s appeal.

This book journeys through the history of the Sunshine Coast: the early years, when Aborigines were the traditional owners of the land; the early days of white settlement, when the wealth of precious timber was found; and finally, the modern day growth and developments. Today, the coast’s contemporary lifestyle continues to be popular with those who long for a sea-change from life in the southern cities.

Anne shares a handful of stories from residents, regular visitors, and community members, whose dedication to the coast has contributed greatly to a way of life that is the envy of many.

Wherever you are on the Sunshine Coast, be it at one of the numerous beaches, in the cooler air of the hinterland, or walking through one of the various national parks, you are never far from the peace and tranquillity of nature. The colourful photographs complement the stories that are told and replicate the vibrant colours of the coast—the sapphire sea, the golden beaches, and the azure sky.

This book is not meant to be simply a tourist guide, but rather a book that visitors to the Sunshine Coast can take home to remind them of their captivating visit; a book to give to friends as an introduction to the coast.

My Sunshine Coast will take the reader on a journey through a place of scenic beauty and introduce them to some of the people who have made the Sunshine Coast the exceptional place it is today.

Book Reviews

……. your book is a great read with wonderful photography! It is a great resource and promotion of our Sunshine Coast.

Myrl Allison – Turtle Care Sunshine Coast


……. this book is based on the colourful history of the Sunshine Coast from the traditional owners of the land to the resort coastline of modern apartments, a magnificent hinterland and national parks.  …… the author has captured her love of the coast in well-chosen words and glorious pictures.

Kevin James Fitzhum


……. My Sunshine Coast - a delightful book of stories and photographs on what makes this part of the world so special. Congratulations, Anne on an excellent event and a superb book!

Maggie Christensen - author

Your book is superb!……. and the photos are just delightful.

Jenny Riley – U3A Writing Tutor


A beautifully photographed publication which draws you to visit locations both on and off the tourist route. Anne digs a little deeper into the make-up and history of our treasured Sunshine Coast, giving it a special sense of place. It has certainly enticed me to plan more trips out, not only to explore new areas but to enjoy old favourites with the added interest of details I didn’t know about before reading this book.

Colleen Bashford


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