I was born in Castleford, England in 1941 and migrated to Sydney in 1952. I love my Australian nationality but my heart still has a corner that thinks I’m an Anglophile - a combination I’m happy to live with.

As an adoptee, I grew up believing I was an only child, so when, in my mid-forties, I discovered I had two half-brothers, it was an epiphany for me. I was fortunate that they both accepted me with no reservations, and we have had a loving relationship for more than thirty years.

After living in Sydney for almost fifty years my husband and I retired to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 1999. Retirement gave me the time to pursue our family history which in turn led to the beginning of my interest in writing, particularly memoir and biography. And so in 2014 'Searching for Family' was published. That was soon followed by 'The Moon is Everywhere the Same' - a story inspired by our ancestors.

The success of these prompted a request from a bookshop owner for me to write a book about the Sunshine Coast.  It seemed like a good idea, and I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge.  The next year was spent driving around, discovering the people and places that make the Coast the special place it is.  Well, someone had to do it!  So my first non-fiction work ‘My Sunshine Coast’ was published in 2016

I still had a hankering for memoir and family history though and took a series of presentations on Ancestry Writing to the libraries on the coast,  I discovered there was an interest in memoir writing and I began running workshops and classes, helping people to tell their own stories.  My latest book, 'A Memoir Course - just for you' is the result of those classes.  I hope this book will help and inspire you to tell your own story – to leave your own legacy to your loved ones.