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The moon is everywhere the same;

It is a mere fifty years since the colony of New South Wales was settled. 
The number of convicts transported from England is becoming less and the colony is now attracting skilled immigrants keen to make a new life. Away from the overcrowded cities of England it offers a chance to leave behind sad memories, to find new beginnings. 
Farm labourer Robert Lovell is a family man, driven to crime by desperation, who is sentenced to transportation for seven years. We follow his prison life from a rotting prison hulk on the river Thames, his journey by convict ship to the other side of the world and finally we share his new life at Strathlachlan Farm on the banks of the Hunter River north of Sydney. 
Among those who choose to emigrate are three people. A Londoner, Gerard Moorhousen, a young Chinese gardener, Chang, and Robert’s daughter Jane Lovell. They settle in the busy city of Sydney which is growing rapidly. 
Their lives become intertwined as they all seek to find a new life. Gerard to escape from the commercial world he has known in London, Chang to leave behind his mysterious past and Jane to find her long lost father, transported here when she was three years old. 
In this unfamiliar land, dreams are chased, some lost and new ones found. Discover how a unique orchid links the three lives and brings about an unexpected ending. 
The warmth and sunlight of this young colony serves as a backdrop to a very human story of people who each attempt to build a new life. 

SEARCHING for Family

A Memoir

Spanning seven decades from 1916 this book begins in a small coal mining town in Yorkshire and follows the life of one particular mining family.  It tells of the strong love that bonds them together despite the hardships of working down the mines.

The story follows the life of one member of that family caught up by a personal disaster as well as the effects of World War II.

We share the heartbreak of a father forced to give up his daughter to adoption. While their lives continue along different paths, each trying to make a new life,  both of them continue to be haunted by thoughts of the other.

Eventually we see how the years of  mass emigration from war torn England can change the lives of so many people, as they are separated by continents. 

Finally comes the opportunity for them to be reunited, but is it too late?

This is an emotional and heart-warming family story which portrays life as it was in the difficult war years and the changes that those who chose a new land had to overcome to build a new life.


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