October 2015

I joined a group of like minded writers at our local library this month for a tutorial on self-publishing. The presenter was Ocean Reeve, a very personable gent with plenty of experience to paint a clear picture of both the traditional publishing world and the independent publishing world. Or as he prefers to call it ‘assisted self-publishing’.

And isn’t that more accurate? There are very few of us who have the capability to create the finished product from the beginning to the end without some form of assistance. Be it formatting the document, creating the cover or uploading it to our chosen outlet – somewhere along the way, we need help. Whether that help comes gratis courtesy of friends or paid for by experts in their field, we call for assistance.

As one who is still fairly new to this world of publishing, for me it was an information packed two hours. Yes, there is most often a sales pitch at the end, but in this case, even without purchasing Reeve’s book, there was a great deal to be learnt by listening to him . I’m immensely grateful to our local library for mounting these events – free of charge.

Any writer contemplating going down the road of independent publishing, should look no further than Ocean Reeve’s well written and comprehensive book. I quote from the back blurb:

‘Self-Publishing Success; THE WORD’ does what no other book on self-publishing done. It breaks down the most necessary and essential in publishing for all to know and access ....’

After reading it from cover to cover, I have to agree. I’m now about to start on my third book and will do so feeling much more confident about the road I am about to travel.


Doing the rounds of the local bookshops to keep in touch with those who have my books in stock, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a niche that has not been tapped yet. Not wanting to pass by an opportunity, the historical fiction story I was working on, but which was failing to inspire me, has been relegated to the back burner while I tackle this new project. Once more I am feeling enthused and have set myself a target of having this book printed and distributed by Easter. There is much work to be done. Have I set myself an impossible goal? We shall see.

It is reassuring to know that the independent bookshops are alive and well here on the Sunshine Coast. At last count I noted eleven in the area from Caloundra to Noosa Interestingly most are run by women. Is that something to do with females having a more creative way of thinking?

The discovery has left me with a real challenge if I want to make a financial success of this next book. My first step is to get a website up and running. I have been delaying far too long on this – time to get going.

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