November & December 2016

Hello again for the final newsletter of 2016. The last two months of the year have been an absolute roller coaster for me. After the excitement of the book launch and visiting the bookshops on the coast to get copies out there – my emotions and enthusiasm took a dive. Understandable I guess as the previous ten months had been incredibly busy in actually producing the book. Now it is time to focus on selling it.

I think all writers find that marketing is foreign to their nature – I certainly do - but it has to be done so best to just get on with it. November was busy with book signings and two markets which were quite successful but the good news was scoring a spot on the competitions page of Profile magazine. This is a high quality free publication with 25,000 copies distributed widely throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and inland to Toowoomba. They also have a wide electronic reach so I could not do much better in getting the book out there in front of the general public. I’m hoping it will be in the February edition so look out for it if you are in the area, or check out their website at for an opportunity to win one of my books.

In quiet times I managed to read Liane Moriarty’s new book Truly Madly Guilty. I had been looking forward to it as I have enjoyed others by this Australian author but sad to say, I was rather disappointed in this one. Despite having a great plot with characters I could relate too I found the book overly long and descriptive. Perhaps it was the mood I was in, but one hundred pages less would have made it a tighter read and still contain the essence of the story.

On the other hand The President’s Hat by Antoine Laurain was the rather delightful choice of my book group. French, whimsical and easy to read it really fitted my mood. When President Mitterrand accidentally leaves his hat behind as he leaves a restaurant it is stolen by the male patron dining alone in the banquet next to him. Can wearing such a hat change a man’s character? It certainly does in this story and as we follow the hat on its journey and see the affect it has on a procession of different owners one does wonder if the old saying ‘clothes maketh the man’ has a ring of truth in it. An entertaining read and a great choice for the end of the year!

I mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter November had been a roller coaster ride and a major dip was the discovery that I have the early stages of breast cancer. Wow! That was totally unexpected as there had been no sign whatsoever. All I can say is - ladies, please do not ignore your regular breast screen test and for the men who read this, please remind and encourage your partner to do so. Early detection can make all the difference.

I’m not going to be one of those who write about their journey but I will say that lovely young woman, Jane McGrath, who died far too early left a great legacy for others who have to go down that road. There is so much support and honest information provided in a very professional manner that one cannot help but feel confident about the outcome.

All this activity has robbed me of my usual keenness for a new project I’m afraid, but I do have a couple of things running through my mind for the coming year. There will be more about those in future editions of my newsletter. Meantime, enjoy a blessed Christmas and may 2017 bring you good health and happiness. See you next year.

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