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Hello and thanks for dropping by. Here on the Sunshine Coast the last month of autumn has been filled with days that truly are like diamonds (remember that old Jon Denver song?). I loved it this morning when a young woman (a stranger) walking along the promenade suddenly stopped and said to us “Isn’t it a stunning day? What more could you ask for?”. Happy to see others appreciate it as much as we do!

Workwise I completed a fairly major task this month. Did I mention I was putting together a presentation titled ‘From Family History to Novel’? After a few drafts it is now at the stage where I feel it is presentable and will offer some knowledge to those who are looking to go down that road. The script, the slide show and the handouts are all done – now to just line up groups who need a guest speaker to present it.


I was privileged this month to attend a farewell morning tea for a dear lady who has worked for twenty-two years for our local community association. She has held a variety of roles and will be sadly missed, and it made me think about how communities and organisations are so dependent on volunteers to keep them going. Most are self-funding for their operating costs and to actually pay someone to do the necessary administration and other roles would be beyond them.

During the time I was secretary for the Buderim War Memorial Community Association it happened that one year was proclaimed “The Year of the Volunteer” and we were asked by a government body to calculate how many hours per month was spent by people to run the organisation. Now, ours was a large organisation with the responsibility for maintaining three buildings that were open to the public so it was not an easy job. My recollection is that we did an approximate count of about 2,000 hours in normal times and when we mounted an event such as Australia Day or the Anzac Day March that number skyrocketed.

The people who make these organisations work and survive, never make the headlines unless it is for a big award like the Citizen of the Year or similar, but it is certain that our communities owe so much to the thousands of people who take on volunteering roles to keep our service clubs, sporting clubs, social groups and others alive. Without these our communities would be poorer places indeed, so if you are a volunteer in any way, appreciate the fact that your work makes a valued and important contribution to the social network of your community. Thank you!


Bleak House - Charles Dickens

My reading this month has been extreme to say the least. My book group’s choice was indeed a classic and I must admit to struggling with this one. It would certainly be presumptive of me to even try and review this masterpiece. Suffice to say the writing style is in complete contrast to popular novels of today and one does wonder what reaction Dickens would get if he approached a publisher today. And yet it has been in print and selling for 164 years. Have you read it? What makes it special for you? I would love to know. Meantime, I shall persevere!

Champagne for Breakfast – Maggie Christensen

On the other end of the scale is a new book from Sunshine Coast author Maggie Christensen. Here is another gentle romance between mature characters which she does so well.

This sixth book from Maggie is the first one set on our own Sunshine Coast and what shines through is the author’s love and knowledge of the area as she brings her setting to life. With a stunning cover and an inviting title this is a book that should fly off the shelves and with a story that does the cover justice, it’s a book that will appeal to women of all ages.

No romance comes without rocky beginnings and this is no exception. How Rosa and Harry deal with the problems that face them and try to forge new lives makes absorbing reading.

With Maggie’s story-telling skills her characters become friends to the reader and in this book we catch up with familiar faces, Jenny and Mike, from the Oregon series. New characters fit well and the whole comes together to make a very enjoyable read. As always, friendships and relationships are the driving force behind the story.

That’s all for this month, see you next time.

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