My Month - July 2017

Hello and thanks for dropping by.

July has been a very quiet month on the writing front. When the month began I was not comfortable with the headspace I was in. There were far too many thoughts spinning around and no single direction calling to me. What to do? It was obvious really - take a break! My U3A writing group had closed for the end of term break so I had no immediate commitment there. I decided I needed a mini-holiday. Living on the Sunshine Coast, there was no need to travel away. Our glorious winter weather called us outdoors so we took one day at a time and rediscovered places we seldom visit.

One of the walks we love is only a five minute drive from home and I ask myself why do we not go there more often? Last Sunday we left the beach to its weekend crowds and went instead for a bush walk through Buderim Forest Park. The minute we got out of the car, the experience of the bush enveloped our senses - the smell of damp earth, various bird songs, the piercing call of the whip bird, and the trickle of the creek running over the rocks. What a relaxing feeling! Straight away it makes you feel better for being there. It was a great ending to a very relaxing month. Taking time to live in the now has a great deal going for it. Check out my Facebook page for a couple of the pictures from our walk. Did my break help to point me in a single direction? Well, no, but I am in a better frame of mind to cope with the multi-tasking that writers have to contend with.

My plan to take presentations to various groups around the coast is coming together nicely. Scripts are finalised for both the Sunshine Coast presentation and the Family History workshop. The slide shows are completed so I’m all ready to go. With two dates booked and another three firm commitments just waiting for dates I’m looking forward to this new challenge. Exciting times ahead! Have a look at the new Speaking page that has been added to my website.

My non-working month gave me plenty of time for reading and I’m sorry to say out of the five books I finished, only one stood out that I would like to recommend to you. I tried a few in the cosy crime genre and found most to be very shallow and predictable. Perhaps that will not be for me after all.

However I did discover another good Australian author - Rachel Amphlett – and I shall certainly be searching for her other books. Scared to Death, is the first book in her Detective Kay Hunter series and it gets off to a cracking start with the action beginning right from the first page. For those of you who like crime fiction to be gutsy, uncomplicated and fast paced with a strong female detective, this is a book for you. It begins with a kidnapping which has gone wrong and as the story progresses the facts are not as simple as they first appear. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Don’t you love it when you discover a new author and learn they have a backlist for you to discover and enjoy?

Next up is Anita Shreve – a complete change.

That’s all for now – see you next month.

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