September 2017

Hello from the Sunny Coast and thanks for dropping by. As I write this, Mooloolaba abounds with families enjoying the spring school holidays. The beach is busy with plenty of swimmers testing the water.

September has been a productive month for me. I spent two days downloading and completing forms from the various library distributors throughout Australia hoping to get my three books into public libraries. Each distributor has a different system and I realise now that had I submitted each book as it was written it would have been much easier. Trying to load the three altogether made the job three times as long. We learn as we go along! However, the project is completed and they have been added to various lists in each state. I have already received my first order from New South Wales so I’m hoping the books attract the eye of the people who purchase library stock. With about 14,000 libraries throughout the country, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Eight of those are operated by our own council so we are well catered for here on the coast. I do admire the way libraries these days are not just for hard copy book borrowing. With facilities for electronic books, audio books, DVDs and more, they are catering for all kinds of users and different needs. Not a month goes by without various free presentations being offered throughout the area. Last week I had an appointment to record a video interview for Council’s Digital Author Program - a YouTube channel that promotes local authors. I have also applied to take my Family History presentation to all the libraries throughout the shire during the first half of 2018. I think the interview went well and I shall await the results. There are around 170 applications which have been submitted so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Meantime three more invitations have been added to my list of speaking engagements. From what began as a somewhat nerve-wracking experience, I am beginning to enjoy this side of the marketing.

My reading recommendation this month is for the crime lovers among you. Two of my favourite crime authors have recently published new books. From Peter James comes ‘Need You Dead’ - the 13th novel in the Roy Grace series. Again it is set in his beloved Brighton and he has produced another story that keeps you turning the page. When a woman begins an affair to try and escape a marriage of domestic violence, she has no idea the affair will result in her death. What promises to be an open and shut case for Grace and his team is anything but. The twists and turns of the plot provide plenty of red herrings along the way.

From Peter Robinson comes the 24th Alan Banks novel – ‘Sleeping in the Ground’. Once again Robinson sets his story in the Yorkshire Dales, where the grounds of a small country church are the scene of a violent and brutal attack on a wedding party. After this cracking beginning to the story, the plot deepens and becomes more complex before finally reaching its conclusion.

While neither of these books is what I would call their best work, both still provide a jolly good read and I do admire both these authors for continually coming up with stories that absorb readers and provide plenty of red herrings that lead them to unexpected places. No mean feat that, and both are well worth seeking out if you don’t know them already.

That’s all for now – see you next month.

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