October 2017

Hello from the Sunny Coast and thanks for dropping by. As I write this, we have been blessed with five days of steady rain which was desperately needed both here on the coast and in the hinterland.

This month I gave my family history presentation to the Cooroy-Noosa Genealogical & Historical Research Group. Since coming to the coast, I’ve thought of Cooroy as a quiet little country town, but having visited a few times over the past few months, I realise it is a vibrant and lively little town. Even so, when my talk coincided with the first day of the torrential rain I wondered if anyone would turn up. They did indeed which was very pleasing. As I spoke with some of the members I found them to be a dedicated and active group.

On learning their history I came away very impressed by what they have achieved in a comparatively short time. They began in 1996 holding their first meeting on a small verandah in Cooroy. In the intervening years, they worked hard raising funds with the goal of obtaining a permanent headquarters. They held garage sales, plant sales, open days, catered for events, and obtained two small grants to raise the necessary capital. Anyone who has worked on a grant funding project knows how complex that can be, and even when successful, the grant amount has to be matched from by the group’s own funds. Eventually they were ready to secure the land and begin building. Then they had to wade through the red tape process involving compliance with a multitude of seemingly endless issues.

Today they have a fine modern building, coincidentally just across the road from the veranda where they had their first meeting. Considering that the building cost in the region of $300,000.00 you will understand how much hard work had to be done to finance the building and achieve the end result. If you live on the coast and are at all interested in learning more about your family history, you could do no better than to go along to this group. http://www.genealogy-noosa.org.au/

No book review this month. Instead I’m taking the opportunity to offer you a great deal and the chance to do some early Christmas shopping.

If the thought of facing crowded shopping centres on the lead up to Christmas is daunting, then take the easy way and send friends or family the gift of a book. For a limited time I am offering a special deal on the My Sunshine Coast book. For those who live on the coast it will make a fabulous gift to send to family and friends. For those in other parts of Australia, perhaps make it a present to yourself and discover more about this part of the world. For six weeks only the book will be reduced to price of $35.which will include gift wrapping and postage to anywhere in Australia. This is a saving of $10.00. If you want to send a copy overseas, I’m happy to negotiate the postage. Check out the Home page for the synopsis, reviews and how to order.

Offer ends December 15

Why not take advantage of this limited offer and save yourself a last minute hassle?

That’s all for now – see you next month.

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