June 2020

Hello again, and thank you for dropping by.

I hope you are safe and well and surviving this quarantine period that has been placed upon us. Apart from being amongst the most vulnerable, I think the older generation have found it easier to adapt to this change in lifestyle. Many in my writing classes have admitted to being quite comfortable with the restrictions. We have kept in touch weekly by Zoom meetings and some, me included, have discovered some new interests. It would be far more challenging having to cope with home schooling and working from home so it’s good to know there are some advantages to the senior years.

If you are seeking a new interest during these extraordinary times, can I suggest you think about writing your story? My online Memoir Writing course is now up and running after being tested with very satisfactory results. Spending more time at home, gives us an opportunity to begin telling our own story, to leave behind a personal account of the life we have lived.

People are fascinated by the past. When I first began digging deep into my own ancestry, how exciting it was when I discovered a document or journal that told of the personal life of the people I was searching for. Those who were merely names, suddenly became real to me – long gone maybe, but brought to life in my mind.

Even if you have never written anything before don’t let that stop you writing down your story, because this course will guide you in the right direction. Five straightforward modules will show you various ways to bring your story alive, and share a legacy for those who follow. As a bonus, if you subscribe to the course this month, you will receive feedback on the stories you submit over the period of the course. I look forward to hearing from you.


My book suggestions this month could not be more different. The first one will appeal to anyone interested in fashion, or wanting to know more about what goes on behind the Throne. Angela Kelly is the Queen’s Dresser and The Other side of the Coin; The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe is an intimate look at how Angela literally organises and makes the Queens wardrobe. She works with the Queen’s diary, taking care to select the appropriate outfit to the occasion. She also organises the magnificent jewellery to be worn on special occasions. Informative, entertaining, and with never before seen photographs, this is one of the most intimate books ever written about the Queen, and certainly one for royalists.

During these past weeks, we have become more aware of, and grateful to, the people who work on the front line of our society every day. Ten feet tall and not quite Bulletproof by Cameron Hardiman is the biography of one of those people.

'As a member of Victoria Police's Air Wing, Cameron Hardiman felt like he was ten feet tall and bulletproof. The air wing brought him plenty of excitement and drama - from searching for missing aircraft to accidentally discovering marijuana crops to working with paramedics. But it also brought him plenty of trauma.

Cameron Hardiman lived a life most young boys could only dream of. Every morning he put on a navy blue police flight suit, grabbed his flight helmet, and prepared to work on the police helicopter. He could be called to anything during a shift, to search for a missing child, to pull an injured driver from a wrecked car, or a dangerous sea rescue.

This is the brilliantly told, white-knuckle story of one cop learning every lesson the hard way - and coming to find out that being not quite bulletproof doesn't mean that you're not a good cop.'

Widely different reads, but both well worth looking out for.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and well and I’ll be back soon.

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